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More satisfied customers of Martin Tennant:


"A brilliant instructor.
I havn't a bad word to say about Martin. I had been having driving lessons off and on. I have had roughly 2 instructors. I suffer from severe anxiety which hindered my ability to drive, however, unlike the previous 2, Martin helped me to build up my confidence alongside my driving skills and finally I got my pass with him 1st test in Oxford.

Martin is incredibly patient, I would recommend him to anyone, especially anyone suffering from anxiety.

Thank you again, Martin, for all your help.





Congratulations, Heleena!


Congratulations, Heleena!





Helen passed first try on 13th July 2017, after training with MSM

Well Done Helen!


Well Done Martin for passsing first try on 12th July 2017!




Zoe passed third try on Mon 12th June. Very well done!







Natasha passed first try with MSM on 1st June 2917. Good work!

Great Work! Natasha passed frist try with MSM on 1st June 2017


Linda passed first time on 1st June 2017. Well done!

Well done Linda! Passed 1st try on 1st June 2017



James passed second try. Well done!


Congrats to James on passing second attempt!



Well done to Natasha_S for passing first time!


Natasha-s passed first try, good for her!


Natasha passed second try with only 7 faults after
learning with MSM.




Tiffany passed 3rd try on 7th March 2017. Well Done!






Tina passed fourth try on 14th February 2017 with only 3 faults.
Well done!



Susan is delighted she passed with a clean sheet on Tuesday 7th February 2017 after learning with MSM.
Very Many Congratulations!!




Ashly is looking forward to getting her new car, having passed with NO Faults
on Tues 31st January 2017. Very Well Done!





Georgia is looking forward to her Pass Plus course, she passed second time on
16th January 2017. YAY!!






Naz passed first time on the 9th December 2016. Well Done!



Well Done Rebecca!




Tania passed first time on 26th May. Well done!


Arden passed first time on 26th May, with No faults!
Very well done!


John is looking forward to his Pass Plus Course.


John at the test centre.

Lauren passed first try on the 10th May '16, with only 3 driver faults!
Very Well Done!




Georgia passed first try on 4th January 2016 with No Faults! Very well Done!






A very happy Marlene, having passed first try on 1st June 2015. Many Congratulations!



Well done Marley for passing second try on 20th May 2015!


Congrats to Callum, who passed first time on 7 May 2015.






Erica passed frist try with Martin on 14th November 2014. Great Work kid!


Cecilia passed her Pass Plus course in February 2014, and is looking forward to getting her own car.

Wei passed on his second attempt, on Monday 20 Jan 2012. Well done!, He is now looking forward to his Pass Plus Course

"Martin is an excellent instructor,very patient and professional.English not my first language,Martin always explain his instructions very cleary.thank you .highly recommend. by Wei Hu-26/01/2014"

  Wei Hu passed his Pass Plus in February 2014. He is now looking for his own car.



Georgia passed first try on 21st November 2013. Congrats to her!

Jenny Passed on 17th September 2013. Well Done!

  • Supportive instructor

    "Having started learning in a manual previously I decided to switch to an automatic and MSM which I don't regret doing. Martin is a very patient and supportive instructor who helped me conquer my nerves and pass my test!! Would definitely recommend him!"





Asya passed on 12 Feb 2013, with only 3 Faults!
She is now looking forward to her Pass Plus Course.









Yuval passed on 30th Jan 2013, with only 2 faults! Well Done!


Congrats to Renana, who passed first time on 16th August 2012

Card Reads: "Martin, Just a big Thank You for teach me to drive over the past
four years. Just wanted to thank you for being such a great driving instructor.
Your brilliant so help. I'll be recommending you to everyone.
 Thanks so much again, Kelia"


Kelia, showing off her Test Pass certificate, having passed on 9th Aug 2012


Eden was very excited when she passed! So much so that she hugged the examiner!!




Here is Larisa, having just completed her Pass Plus Course. Well Done!










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