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The Driving Test is changing!

From the 4th December this year the new DVSA driving test for car drivers will come into force



There will be four changes;

*The 'independent driving' part of the test will be increased from 10 to 20 minutes.

*Candidates will be asked to follow directions on a sat nav, as well as or following road signs, or directions given to them.

*The manoeuvres will change to reflect more real life scenarios, such as
driving into and reversing out of a parking bay,
   Parallel parking at the side of the road,
Reversing into and driving forwards out of a bay,
Pull up on the Right-hand side of the road, reverse 2 car lengths and re-join traffic,

The manoevre can be done during the independent driving part of the test.

The 'show me' question will be asked while the candidate is driving, for example, asking candidates to use the heated rear windscreen,
the 'show me' question can be asked during the independent driving part of the test.


The pass mark length of test and cost (paid to the DVSA) are not changing.

>Watch a video about the new test HERE!

Drivers of automatic cars will have an advantage over candidates driving manual transmission cars.

Why not learn to drive an automatic car?

You will not have to learn Clutch Control, there is very little changing gears, you can't stall and there is less to distract you.

You are likely to need less lessons than you would need in a manual car.

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